Legacy League Starter: Demopolos’ Ultimate Facebreaker

I grabbed this build from the official forum thread below:

Again a viable league starter as the items to get it running can be financed with selffound currency pretty early on, but I enjoyed being able to afford more items from the get go, so I would still prefer SRS or Flameblast as a league starter before going on to something like this.

It makes use of a 6Linked Cyclone or Shield Charge┬ácombined with a 4L Ancestral Warchief – for very impressive dps.

Highlights copied from the forum thread:

  • up to 1.4 million full buff 6L cyclone dps (still over 1 million non legacy)
  • up to 512k full buff conc effect 6L shield charge dps (108k dmg @ 4.74aps)
  • up to 734k full buff ancestral warchief dps on 4L
  • 7k+ life when leveled and geared (7.6k at lvl 94 for me w/ belly)
  • 10k+ armour (20kish with flask, 90% phys reduction with basalt)
  • 43 % block (75%/15% with rumis flask)
  • 76/75/75% ele res
  • 38% of life regen per sec (due to slayer perma leech)
  • 140% MS and 4.74 aps, for uncontrollably fast speed! (vaal haste + quicksilver)
  • can be built on budget/non-legacy and still get huge dps and solid defense… great league starter!

I am personally enjoying this build immensely, although I have not quite reached endgame content yet, and my character still has some items to replace before I get anywhere near the numbers in the highlights.

Legacy League starter: SRS Summoner

For the legacy league I went with the SRS Summoner with spectres, zombies, animate guardian and lightning golem, you can check out my inspiration by ItsYoji below.